Slidebar desktop resource
Slidebar Desktop resource

Welcome to Gofoxie, home of the Slidebar
Call me disorganized if you like, but I've often found it annoying trying to find some of my shortcuts (to folders, files, applications etc) - ones I may not use regularly, but like to have close at hand.

I find it especially irritating when a shortcut that was on the Start menu a week or so ago seems to have mysteriously disappeared, or when I have several windows open but need to check on or make a quick change to something else, and have to go back to the Desktop or search around my computer for the resource I need.

I wanted to find a simple way of having all my resources available in one readily accessible place.

So I created the Slidebar.

Take a look - download it - try it out!

This is the first time that I've made an application available for download from the internet, so I would be grateful for your patience, feedback and help.

These pages are a test-bed for what will eventually become a 'real' website. Please let me know what you think via the Contact page - all comments gratefully received.